Tile Roof

Tile roofs add a unique aesthetically pleasing appearance to any structure and can complement a variety of home styles. Tile roofing products is available in several configurations. Most common and widely used are clay tile, concrete tile, and stone coated steel tile. Tile roofs are more costly than other roof types but will most likely be the last roof you will ever need.

Common questions:
  1. Why spend the costs of a tile roof?

Tile roofs add a very different look to your home giving a unique appearance and achieving that special look that some home designs call for and only tile can give. The life and durability of a tile roof makes it worth the money spent.

  1. Does tile roofs offer many color selections?

Tile roof color selections are great in number and styles such as barrel or flat. Also tile roofs are available in synthetic products.

  1. How durable are tile roofs?

Tile roof products also are available with lifetime warranties. Tile materials are most common clay or concrete which is very durable and withstands inclement weather.

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