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Tile roofs add a unique aesthetically pleasing appearance to any structure and can complement a variety of home styles. Tile roofing products are available in several configurations. Most common and widely used are clay tile, concrete tile, and stone coated steel tile. Tile roofs are more costly than other roof types but will most likely be the last roof you will ever need.

Common questions:

Why spend extra for a tile roof?

Tile adds a very different look to your home giving it a unique appearance and achieving that 'dynamic appeal' that some home designs call for and only tile can give. The life and durability of a tile roof makes it worth the money spent.

Do tile roofs offer many color selections?

Tile roof color selections are great in number and styles such as barrel or flat. Also, tile roofs are available in synthetic products as well.

What are tile roof roofs made of?

Tile roofs are made of local, natural, and recyclable materials such as terracotta, slate, and concrete. All three tile roofs are weather-resistant, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

They also help reduce energy costs due to the natural properties of the material. Tile roofs help keep homes warm in cold climates and cool in hot climates because they transfer and reflect heat, rather than absorb heat.

How weather resistant are tile roofs?

Tile roofs are popular in tropical climates like Florida. Tiles are highly fire resistant with a fire rating of Grade A. Tile roofing can also withstand winds at up to 100 mph. In addition, tiles are resistant to rot and insects.

What is the average life span for tile roofs?

Tile is one of the most durable roofing options. All tile roofing options can last up to 50 years or more with proper installation and maintenance.

There are a few signs to look out for when it may come time to repair your tile roof:

  • Tiles are cracked or missing.
  • There is water seeping underneath the tiles or watermarks on the tiles.
  • Darkstreaks appear on the tiles.
  • Algaeis building up on the tiles.

How can I maximize the lifespan of my tile roof?

There are a few things you can do to maximize the lifespan of your tile roof:

1)  Install top flashing. Top flashing can be installed at any point. Top flashing can help repair and prevent leaks and underlayment decay before it causes major damage.  

2)  Keep roofs clean and don’t allow tree branches to scrape the roof.

3)  Replace cracked or broken tiles as soon as possible.

4)  Keep up with annual inspections, especially after a severe storm.


What colors are available?

Tile roofing is as versatile as shingles. The most popular color tile roofs are natural orange or red. Slate is a popular choice for most homeowners. Slate roof tiles come in black, gray, and even green or blue.

What is the cost of tile roofs?

Although tile roofs can be more expensive than shingles, they have a much longer lifespan. Because of the expected lifespan, they also come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Call us today so we can answer any question you may have.

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