Metal Roof

Metal roofs are considered a great upgrade from shingles. While it is true that a metal roof costs more than the standard shingle roof, it has, by far, a longer life span and comes in more styles and selections. There are metal products that have the appearance of shingles. Other available products are “Standing Seam” panels and “PBR” panels.

Common questions:
  1. Metal versus shingles?

If the desire when replacing a roof is to install a product that will last a lifetime then the metal is a great way to go. Metal roofs are considered to have a lifetime warranty.

  1. Is the underlayment for a metal roof the same as for shingles?

No, the underlayment that Liberty Roofing of Central Florida uses is a premium underlayment that is for tile and metal only. While Florida building codes allow the use of a synthetic underlayment when installing metal, we ONLY use the premium “Tile & Metal” peel & stick product on all metal jobs we install.

  1. Are there many color choices?

Yes, the metal actually offers the most choices when it comes to color.

  1. What is the advantages of a metal roof?

Metal roofs add great additional value to any home or business. Metal is a stronger product. As already mentioned metal offers lifetime warranties.

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