Shingles Installation


The first step is to remove all of the old roofing materials which includes: shingles, underlayment, lead boots, drip edge, and vents.


Shows all of the old shingles have been removed and prepped for the next phase.


Here, the workers are removing all the remaining shingle nails and related debris.


In this picture, the workers have completed the majority clearing and removal of old roofing materials.


The roof surfaced has been prepped and is now ready for installation of the new roofing materials.


Here, the installation of the underlayment being installed. Per the new Florida building code (R905.1.1.1) as of 1/1/2021 we only install “peel & stick” underlayment which is the best choice.


The new drip edge has been installed and roof cement applied. Also the starter shingles and the new architectural shingles are in place.


This picture shows the procedure that must be completed in all valleys which is to apply roof cement to ensure a proper water tight seal.


These pictures show two types of vents and the fasteners used to install them.


The new roof is now complete, the final steps include: clean up of all work areas and grounds and remove the dump trailer. Then provide customer with copies of all paperwork, i.e. warranty, receipt, and a copy of the permit.